Saturday, November 29, 2008


Ok so on with the update. All the termies are assembled along with the crusaders and painting has commenced.

I'll start with Belial

So I really enjoyed bashing this guy together; added some height, used the space marine sergeant front torso, added a belt made of crux's, and used the ravenwing symbol on the banner just because I like.

Next up will be the LRC:

First time building one of these guys, and let me just say it was great fun. I will admit tho... the new ones with the plastic options are probably a lot easier to build just in the regard to the hurricane bolters. I added plastruct to the armor to add a little extra along with some DW symbols. Here is the size I used for the plastruct:

Now for some painted minis...

So the painting recipe is pretty easy for the bone:
1. white primer
2. thinned down bleached bone (2-3 coats)
3. highlight 50:50 bleached bone and skull white
4. edge highlight with skull white
5. controlled wash of fortress grey (almost a glaze)
6. i then do the pipping with a 50:50 of boltgun metal and codex gray
7. finish it off by black lining with a thinned down mix 40:60 chaos black and catachan green

turns out great!!!

The librarian you see is an old conversion I did and thought I would paint him up with these guys while I wait for them to dry in between sessions.

Have some tips coming up tomorrow... till then off to bed.

Good gaming!!!

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